Netflix is increasing their price to $17.99 a month, and for the first time, I’m actually debating whether it is worth it. Recently, most of what we watch is on Hulu, Amazon prime, HBO Max, and YouTube. 🤔

Does anyone have a preferred clear iPhone case or brand? I’m looking for one that is thin, and doesn’t have the awful magnet, like the official Apple one.

Reserved my iPhone 12 Pro Max, this will be the first year since the original iPhone that I will have a color other than black or Space Grey, I went with Pacific Blue.

TheBrain v12 beta just came out with backlinks and unlinked mentions and I’m all in. Was using Obsidian and linking to those files in TB, now, I think everything goes in TB. Content only mode is intriguing with no need to have the plex open, I’m exited to see how it develops.

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling great so I watched the entire Conjuring series. Last night, I took some benadryl & my regular sleeping meds. Woke up around 10 to use the restroom and promptly scared myself badly due to a coat rack & mirror. I’m not one to get scared, and love horror films, all I can say is good horror movies and overloading sleeping/drowsy meds is a bad combination. 😂

Thinking I won’t be renewing TheBrain services. Last year I finally purchased it outright, and this year, due to and Standard Notes, I’m using it less and less. I’m more concerned with getting my data out, and doing so is hard with TB.

I want to use Firefox, but it has weird issues with third party cookies. Even after allowing them, certain sites won’t work saying TPCs are blocked. I really don’t want to allow TPC, but FF doesn’t have wildcard support for them. It’s incredibly frustrating. Time to move on.

Looks like it’s time to switch to Firefox full time, which is a shame, because a lot of times, sites work better in Chromium based browsers: Privacy browser Brave under fire for violating users’ trust

I’m really enjoying the community around Obsidian. Friendly and helpful, reminds me of the community.

Seeing some exciting (at least to me and a few others) posts in the Standard Notes slack. I think 2020 will be a big year for SN, with 2021 being the biggest since it was created.

My issue with writing longer blog posts on a topic I am excited about is I inevitably go off on tangents that are better as separate posts. Therefore I end up with 7-8 paragraphs at the bottom of the post that have nothing to do with the current post and need to be removed. 🤪

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the 2011-2014 era where I trusted Evernote and didn’t realize the benefit of plain text.

Then someone sends a horribly formatted Word doc and I immediately cringe and go running for plain text.

Re-structured my notes in Standard Notes, I now only have two layers of tags. It’s so much easier to get to notes and know how to tag them.

I’m really enjoying the ability to listen to the The Daily Update in a podcast now. I usually read one or two Daily updates a week. Now, I can consume it everyday while commuting.

I’m really disliking this trend to turn country music into pop or rap. I’m listening to country because I don’t want to listen to pop/rap, please stop.

Installing elementary OS in VMWare to see if I could live with it. I’ve heard only great things about it.

The Plain Text Project:

Do you need big, feature-packed, and sometimes complex tool for your work, to stay organized, or keep track of your tasks?
Maybe not.
Maybe all you need is plain text.

Great resource on using plain text files.

How is everyone keeping SSH keys in sync across multiple computers these days? I have about 7 VPSs I’m using on a regular basis now and I keep fearing I’ll miss one when moving to a new computer.

// @jack @twelvety Only because I know you both use VPSs.

Added another 5 years to my Standard Notes Extended Plan with the Black Friday 40% off deal. Subscribed until 01 August 2029.

I found the ending of The Americans to be rather disappointing. I would preferred to have a time lapse to the future, to see where the plot lines were going. Over all a very good show.

Hoping for a new alpha of TheBrain today, current version has a lot of errors/crashes.

  • 27 September 2018 - Bought AirPods 1st Gen
  • 20 March 2019 - Bought AirPods 2nd Gen
  • 28 October 2019 - Bought AirPods Pro

I might have a tiny AirPods addiction problem.

Sprint accidentally didn’t register I returned my previous iPhone, so they tried to charge me a purchase device charge ($275) and no return fee ($215). I called them out on it, and they removed the charges and credited me this month’s bill. At least they made up for it.

Didn’t realize my AirPods case was dead last night so my AirPods didn’t charge. Thankfully had my power brick and within 30 minutes the case was at 50% and the AirPods got to 100% in 15-20.

Back to using Brave as my main browser on macOS. Due to Safari 13 disabling some very useful extensions, and Brave’s ability to disable blocking Cross-Tracking on specific sites, it is more functional for me.

I found Downie on SetApp today and am really happy with it. You give it a URL to a video and it will download the video, works on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites. Definitely recommended if you need to download any video.

I haven’t bought a computer other than Macs since I started buying them in 2007. I’m currently investigating a Dell XPS 15, I use one at work and it’s amazing. The same spec’d MacBook Pro (which doesn’t exist) would be about $4500 where this is $2500. Still researching though. 🤔

Summer Squash and Habanero Peppers from the Garden

Two Summer Squash and Three Habanero Peppers

First Watermelon is Growing

Small Watermelon growing