Looking forward to a relaxing break filled with downtime that will hopefully include reading a couple of books from a list I’ve been keeping for eight years. It currently has 76 books, and for every three books I read, I seem to add five. 2019 is my year to read more books!

Trying to figure out the best solution for Micro.blog and Blot. I’m going back and forth between going all in on Blot or keeping Micro.blog, but posting long form items to Blot. Definitely going to have to do some thinking and weigh the options.

TheBrain has been instrumental in keeping track of changes to make to Blot and keeping track of links with helpful CSS changes, JavaScript, and reference documents.

Just started a @blot site for a test to see if I should move over from a Micro.blog hosted account and my goodness is it fast to propogate. I’m amazed at how quickily it updates, over the next week I’ll be doing some tests and might end up moving over.

Recently I’ve been taking the commuter rail instead of the boat for the late trains. People watching at South Station in Boston, MA at night has been quite the adventure. I’ve enjoyed the experience but I’m looking forward to returning to the commuter boat Wednesday.

This versus That

I’ve now started to keep outline files of software head to head pros and cons list. For example, OmniFocus vs. Todoist, I have Pros, Cons, and a Dealbreaker section for each application in the OmniOutliner document. I fill it out so the next time I think about switching I can look back at the cons and check to see if a new version has fixed those cons and if not, I stick with the current app or look for a new one. I”m currently working on one for Dynalist vs. Workflowy for an online outlining software. So far it’s been helpful in determining Web Archives vs. PDFs in DEVONthink, OmniFocus vs. Todoist, Apollo vs. Antenna for iOS Reddit clients.

Credit for this idea goes to a thread on TheBrain forums.

How Can I Just Write?

How can I just write?

Why I Made Today I Learned by @simonwoods

Micro.blog was the first blogging platform that I found which gave no friction to get words onto my blog; it answered this same question for me perfectly. My previous attempts at blogging never held, in part because of the hassle of getting words into it. I have multiple archives of blogs, usually 2-3 months of posts each. Micro.blog is the only one I’ve stuck with, coming up on a year in February.

It’s interesting to look back at my posts and see the similarities of my Twitter habits follow to Micro.blog, but after a few months, I broke free. On Twitter, I watched and barely interacted except for likes and retweets. On Micro.blog if I like a post, I’ll reply to the post stating so, or quote the line (such as this post) and reply in the form of a post.

In ten months of being a part of Micro.blog, I’ve been writing more, became less afraid to get involved in conversations as I see them, and genuinely enjoy coming to Micro.blog to interact with others. I cannot say thank you to @manton enough for bringing Micro.blog into the world, and @macgenie for helping foster and develop a community worth being part of.

I’m looking forward to what 2019 brings for Micro.blog.

I’ve been using Apple Music on my Echo all day, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It’s much easier than connecting an iPhone via Bluetooth, definitely glad Apple decided to do this.

Still haven’t had a response from Pinboard about the archiving issue, it’s been 3 weeks of no archiving or accessing archived pages. I’m down to 76% of my bookmarks are archived, usually at 99%. I’m starting to get worried now, 2 weeks since I contacted support and no response. 🤔

Reached Intermediate in Todoist. When I first started using Todoist, I turned off Karma, but I’ve since turned it back on and am liking that it makes you want to complete your task goal every day. I’ve had to up the target so I don’t feel like I’m cheating with a small goal set.