🔗 Signal CEO gives mobile-hacking firm a taste of being hacked

In seemingly “completely unrelated” news, Marlinspike says that future versions of Signal will add to the app storage files that are “aesthetically pleasing.”


I’m slowly moving more and more notes from TheBrain and into Standard Notes. Finished moving the PIM/PKM notes into Standard Notes, while consolidating them. Looks much cleaner this way.

🍿 Rainy Saturday morning today, a great time to watch The Godfather.

Yesterday, I spent about an hour going through old notes and clearing them out. Probably deleted about 250, all from software or services I don’t use. It’s interesting how most of my notes are actually man pages that I’ve created during my time using that software/service.

🍿 Watched The Gentlemen and really liked it. Just enough violence to make it thrilling, but not so graphic to make it disturbing.

I’m very much enjoying watching the Masters while doing Change Request paperwork, makes the paperwork far less painful.

Created an Obsidian Publish Site: Josh’s Obsidian Blog just to play around with. So far I really like it, it’s fun and easy to publish.

Obsidian Mobile is coming along nicely. With thorough backups, I’m trying it as my main note repository, so far so good.

PS. The community plugins are amazing and every day more are being developed.

I’ve recently been enjoying brewing a coffee that is mixing Jamaican Me Crazy and the Panera Dark Roast. Comes out strong, but far less bitter than the straight Dark Roast does. Highly recommended. ☕

Ordered the Bose 700 series yesterday, I needed a new headset that works well with music and calls, the 700 series fulfills these requirements. With the Bose USB Link calls should be even better. Will see how it goes, they should be delivered later today, adapter this weekend.

The Ember mug really needs a iOS widget. I would much prefer to check the temp on the widget than have to open the app. And it seems like this would be the perfect functionality for a widget.

I love when a company gives you options for managing a code base. But when that company gives you those options and then on top of it, develops a live patching/deployment plugin for an IDE, it makes other companies look lazy. SailPoint makes managing SailPoint so much easier.

Installing a macOS 11.1 Big Sur vm in Windows vmWare Workstation Pro is a pain, but thankfully still possible.

Last May I moved to a new house, and since then I’ve been on 300/300Mbps internet speeds. Work has finally agreed to pay the upgrade fee to gigabit speeds, as well as the monthly difference between the two. Trying to schedule the upgrade, but Verizon chat is terrible. 😤

Now that all the posts have been imported into Micro.blog, working on cleaning up categories and titles.

🔗 I’ve been participating in The Greatest Product of All Time Bracket Challenge and it’s been fun to watch the results. Some of the products are clear winners, but a couple have really surprised me.

Starting the process of importing all my micro posts from my Blot.im blog to my Micro.blog blog. Going back to keeping long form posts on Blot and Micro posts in Micro.blog.

If the new AirPods design leak is real, I doubt I’ll buy them. The first and second gen fit, but I needed the wings to keep them secure while in motion. The AirPods Pro didn’t fit right even after I bought foam tips. These are a mixture of both, so definitely won’t fit right.

March 2021 Home Screen

In other news, my order of Girl Scout cookies came in, so I’m looking forward to those tonight. Thin mints are already in the freezer, because I’m not an animal.

Sometimes I want to burn vSphere down to the ground… Then a day later, when doing something else, I think “vSphere is great, I don’t know why anyone hates it.” 🤷‍♂️

All MS Exchange patches are finally installed. 2 hybrid servers for day job, and 18 client servers. Only three had evidence of patch scanning. Now to start the weekend. 🍻

Netflix is increasing their price to $17.99 a month, and for the first time, I’m actually debating whether it is worth it. Recently, most of what we watch is on Hulu, Amazon prime, HBO Max, and YouTube. 🤔

Does anyone have a preferred clear iPhone case or brand? I’m looking for one that is thin, and doesn’t have the awful magnet, like the official Apple one.

Reserved my iPhone 12 Pro Max, this will be the first year since the original iPhone that I will have a color other than black or Space Grey, I went with Pacific Blue.